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Security Cameras & Video Surveillance

Ensure safety in the workplace while protecting your assets with our commercial security camera system design, installation, and maintenance services in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA. RCTech provides a range of video surveillance options. New and improved IP camera systems allow for remote 24/7 video monitoring of any size business, from job site cameras to commercial and office space. CCTV security systems involve the use of video cameras for transmitting a signal to a specified place, on a configured set of monitors. RCTech also aids with security camera video recording retrieval for law enforcement agencies, should it ever be necessary.

Commercial Video Surveillance & Security Camera Systems in Cedar Rapids & Iowa City

CCTV Camera Installation Company

CCTV surveillance cameras in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City not only ensure security for the property, the inhabitants and their belongings; but also augment security levels. A closed-circuit television (CCTV), is broadly used in businesses and office spaces. They display images or play recordings needed for surveillance purposes. Video cameras are basically of three types; analogue, analogue HD, and IP, and they are widely used in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City areas. Together with varied applications of CCTV surveillance systems, they are by and large used in banks, airports, military installations, industrial plants and convenience stores. Cedar Rapids and Iowa city area CCTV surveillance cameras may operate incessantly or only when needed for a particular event.

IP Network Security Camera Systems

With a highly integrated digital video surveillance system, you can monitor the activity on your surveillance feeds from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a connection to the internet. You can log in to your commercial security camera system from any device and view live streams or access recorded footage.

Professional Security Camera Installation

RCTech provides installation of high resolution, high retention and high-quality camera systems in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. We can integrate with your current surveillance system equipment or provide a complete upgrade. Commercial security cameras have become a proven tool for increasing security and helping prevent losses due to vandalism, theft, and unfounded liability claims. More recently, video surveillance system installation is used as a managerial tool to not only increase productivity but enhance planning and scheduling.  Selecting the right security camera system has become hard considering the unique types of technologies now available on the market.  From old IP and standard def analog to HD analog and IP camera systems or single site to multi-site systems, RCTech can engineer and deliver on your most complex projects. 

Ask us about our sophisticated security camera systems with 360 views, automatic following capabilities, facial recognition, full color at night (no more green and B&W images at night) and analytics!


Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Surveillance System Installers

RCTech consists of highly experienced security system professionals with years of industry experience. We offer innovative and different price-level professional security and surveillance systems for businesses and commercial clients. Our expert consultants take the time to understand your security challenges, determine your security needs, and design a customized commercial surveillance camera system to maximize your return on investment.  We are committed to providing you with the highest quality security products and service. Your employees are more likely to remain on task, take breaks efficiently and feel safer in the workplace knowing there is an advanced, digital surveillance system monitoring activity daily. Let one of our trained security system experts assess your property and recommend the placement of cameras and motion sensors to keep your business safe.

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